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Fiduciary Liability Insurance in Chicago, IL and Surrounding Areas

As a fiduciary, you hold a legal or ethical relationship of trust with one or more other parties to act in their best interests regarding the distribution of employee benefits, and are liable for any breach of your fiduciary duties. Fiduciary Liability Insurance is similar to an Errors & Omissions policy, but was specifically developed for fiduciaries, trustees, employers, and professional administrators responsible administering employee benefits required by state statutes or the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

Fiduciary Liability Insurance Quotes in Chicago, IL and Surrounding Areas

Cook Castle Associates is here to educate trustees and provide fiduciary liability insurance consultation and quotes. We focus exclusively on the downstate police and fire pension plans as well as multi-employer pension and welfare plans.

An Insurance Policy Tailored for Fiduciaries

If a fiduciary is sued for a breach of their responsibilities, such as investment decisions, granting benefits, line of duty applications, or pension calculations (over or under payment), fiduciary liability insurance provides the coverage a traditional E&O or Public Officials Liability Policy may not.

At Cook Castle, we focus on educating our client on these coverages, and break down fiduciary liability insurance into three categories: who’s covered, what’s covered, and what’s excluded.

Serving Fiduciaries in Downstate Illinois

If you’ve heard of Cook Castle through your attorney or accounting firm, you’re aware of the reputation for excellence we’ve developed within this community. We are committed to protecting your business and assets, and your employees’ assets.

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