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Labor Professional/Union Liability throughout the Midwest

Protecting Labor Union Directors in Illinois and Beyond

Officers and directors of labor unions are exposed to numerous liabilities as a result of being in their roles.  These officers and directors may have to eventually defend themselves against the liabilities they face, and if they do, they will need resources in order to defend themselves successfully.  Therefore, labor unions should purchase union liability instance to protect their officers and directors.  At Cook Castle Associates we can help your union develop a customized insurance plans that keeps specific members of your leadership free from paying the high costs of litigation out-of-pocket. 


Our union liability policies cover key exposures and offer important endorsements and policy features.  These policies will keep your officers and directors secure and will help your organization succeed.

Coverages Tailored to your Union and your Needs

Union officials often must engage in activities that are not covered by commercial general liability insurance (CGL).  These activities require coverage that union liability insurance provides.  One reason for this is that federal law dictates that union members can sue union leaders for alleged official misconduct.  Therefore, insurance that protects union leaders from the costs of these lawsuits is essential. 


There are two key elements to coverage in a union liability policy: labor union liability and personal injury/publishers liability.  These protect against policyholders having to pay legal expenses and from unions’ operations becoming endangered.


Union liability insurance policyholders can select additional coverages if they want to.  These coverages make defense in the event of a claim less costly and easier.  These and other coverages make the defense of officers and directors easier and less costly in general.  These coverages include:  

  • Duty of fair representation
  • Employment practices liability
  • Financial management
  • Personal injury coverage
  • Individual labor leader (ILL)
  • Joint apprenticeship training committee (JATC)
  • Third-party cyber liability
  • Professional services

Most fiduciary liability plans exclude multi-employer trustees or administrators and do not indemnify you for defense expenses or damages that result from a lawsuit.  Union liability insurance can indemnify you if you need it to; you’ll just need to select the right coverages.  A licensed insurance professional from Cook Castle Associates can help you select the right coverage and find a plan meets all of your needs.

Working with Cook Castle Associates

We’re an independent agency and we offer coverages from different insurance companies.  This gives you many choices that help you find the right plan.  Our experience and knowledge enable us to help you customize your insurance plan so that you’re completely protected under any circumstances and they help us manage risk and claims.  


We will give you all of the information you need to keep your risks minimal and to be prepared for claims.  If and when claims are filed, we will guide you through the resolution processes and resolve the claims quickly.  


To speak with an agent, contact us or give us a call.  You request a quote to get started on a policy. 


Cook Castle Associates, LLC is proud to provide union liability insurance in Chicago, IL; Kansas City and St. Louis, MO; Milwaukee, WI; Minneapolis, MN; and Des Moines, IA.  We also serve different areas in four other states.