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22nd IPPAC Annual Conference

May 16-18 2018

Jumer's Casino & Hotel

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Illinois Professional Firefighters Association

2018 Spring Pension Seminar 

May 4th 2018

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The Illinois Professional Firefighters Association is hosting their annual Fall Pension Seminar this November. The goal of the IPFA is mainly to ‘promote the interest of professional firefighters throughout the State of Illinois’ along with other objectives to protect and benefit firefighters. This association and seminar touches on the maintenance of liberal pension laws for active, retired, and disabled firefighters, while also providing for the family of deceased members. Cook Castle Associates is proud to attend and support this event bi-annually and has been a member of the IPFA since 2009.



We have a business coverage program that contains coverage and policy options that range from business owners policies and fiduciary liability to ERISA fidelity bonds and labor professional/union liability.  Through providers like Euclid Specialty Managers, Chubb, Allied, and Harleysville, we offer commercial packages that meet the needs of any business, especially public pension funds. 


We also offer specialized policies for specific industries, including consulting firms and real estate businesses.  These and other commercial operations can find complete coverage for the right price with us, and these operations can count on consultations and other interactions that ensure that their policies are current and effective and that their rates are appropriate.


Even though providing optimal coverage solutions is the primary way we help businesses succeed, as an enterprise and as citizens we know that we can do more to serve the people and businesses around us.  That’s why we promote, sponsor, and support local events and activities that improve the socio-economic health of our service communities.  We also work with local organizations that make the business climate of the Chicagoland area better.


From charities to shows and festivals, we participate in and support local goings-on in the communities we serve.  Sometimes this means devoting time and energy, and other times it means giving resources.  But regardless of what it requires, we continue to engage in events and activities to celebrate and better know the people and organizations in the communities we serve.


Working with local organizations also helps us better understand the local business atmosphere and to make this atmosphere a healthier one in which commercial enterprises can exist.  These and other efforts are the result of our appreciation for our service areas and a desire to contribute to these areas beyond providing insurance and consultative services.


Everything we do at Cook Castle Associates is backed by integrity, knowledge, and experience which enables us to deliver the best insurance solutions and services to clients.  We stay informed of trends and statutes that affect coverages and we keep clients informed of what we know to allow them to make the best decisions about their insurance.  We also manage risk and claims in addition to providing consultative services that are ongoing throughout the lives of policies.  As a result, clients make the best investments and are able to maximize the value of these investments.


Our agents are fully available, so clients can reach us whenever we’re needed.  Whether via text, email, one-on-one interactions, or online, we’re there to help clients get information and make decisions.


To learn more, please contact us or give us a call.  You can request a quote also if you’re ready to start on a policy.